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  • Wall-Mounted Hanger with 4 Hooks
  • Hang varieties of items such as coats, keys, umbrellas at one time on this wall hanger.
  • Made out of durable steel which can sustain rough use.
  • This hanger rack is ideal for organizing or storing multiple items
  • Suitable for your wardrobe, but also for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office



  • Lighting time: more than 6 hours.
  • Solar charging time: approximately 6 hours.
  • Light weight & low energy consumption.
  • 30-lead latest generation projector with a total power of 10W.
  • Full charge is achieved by exposure to the sun for 8-10 hours.
  • Extremely durable
  • Professional quality
  • Easy to handle, carry around
  • requires minimal force to operate
  • Medium weight tacker that features a high impact force
  • Designed for permanent fastening, labeling and upholstery
  • Critical dimensions are scrutinized and adjustments are made to the machines or the tools are repaired/replaced as they wear out
  • It all-steel construction, ergonomic design and soft grip make this machine ideal for tecking fabric, canvas, leather, posters, etc in schools, exhibitions, office and light industry.

-Perfect for your Kitchen Cabinet, Drawer, Door, Wardrobe... 

  • High strength nylon rope
  • clear ink
  • Convenient
  • Building decoration use
  • Wearable and durable
  • Easy to carry
  • New engineering plastic shell
  • Environmental protection
  • High elastic pressure button

• Waterproof chemical, and shock proof LED
• Replaceable batteries
• Hardened cutting edges and teeth for longer life, forged tools.
• Corrosion resistant

  • High quality material, very strong and durable.
  • High quality PC lens and frame that are durable enough for long time using.
  • 100% UV400 protection coating, can defend your eyes from wind and dust perfectly.
  • Lightweight, reduce the bridge of the nose, ear burden, comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect for driving, cycling, outdoor sports, shooting, fishing, traveling etc.